I’m finally back after visiting family in Greece for over a month. It still feels as if I’m “visiting” Houston right now as opposed to actually living here, but soon as I start working again and hanging out with all the usual folks I’ll feel right back at home (: The trip was all sorts of fun, I got to see tons of new places as opposed to staying in the little town that I’m from like I usually do. The weather is hot, but since there’s no humidity it’s definitely bearable. Gas over there is around $8.20 a gallon for regular which I thought was nuts. The food was probably my favorite part, I think I gained a couple pounds while I was over there but ah well!

Since there’s a lot of photo’s, once you get to the bottom, click the “more” link to view the rest of them. Enjoy!

Walking over to a hidden beach

Can’t really tell in the pic, but one tiny slip and you could get hurt pretty easily. I found out flip flops and rocks don’t work that great together.

Splish splash!

These two rocks were randomly stacked together.

Another hidden beach. I liked this one better because you could go in really far and still be up to your waist. Most of the other beaches, 10 feet in and the water was up to your head.

My cousin would always go spear fishing, this was one of his catches.

He also cooked a ton for us. This is the start of me gaining some weight finally.

Whenever we were bored, we’d go fishing. We never really caught much, but it was a nice way to pass the time and always gave me some good photo opportunities.

Visiting my cousins farm, this dog was there to keep the foxes out from killing the chickens.

And this kitty killed all the rats.

This one never wanted to leave my feet for some reason (:

Grilled octopus + olives + cucumbers + cheese + fish = <3

I’m not too big on alcohol though so while they drank Ouzo, I stuck to juice.

I don’t know how they do it.

Stuck my hand out the window while riding passenger and didn’t look in the view finder, and these two shots are what I got.

Probably the best food I ever had in my entire life. The recipe is simple, it’s just chicken wrapped in bacon, but I’ve never had such juicy bacon and chicken before. They would literally melt in your mouth. I guess it’s part of the animals being naturally raised without any type of drugs to enhance growth and what not.

Waiting around for the fish to bite, I got a little bored and did some light painting with my phone (:

No light pollution = tons of stars at night.

Heading off on a vacation while on vacation to a place called Leptokaria.


Mom wanted to take a picture of me.. when I saw it, she said she left a bunch of room around me because I do the same thing in my pics lol.

HMMM…. What flavor ice cream to get?

Strawberry + banana + melted chocolate, best ice cream ever!

Visiting Platamonas castle on our vacation while on vacation trip.

The view from the top of one of the castles.

And the main castle itself.

Peach drinks were always my #1 choice of drink wherever we went.

View from our hotel..

…and 30 minutes later.

Puppies at my cousins grandma house. Soon as they’re grown up they’ll be used for hunting.

On the way to Karisto to drop off my cousin for school. They had tons and tons of windmills there but unfortunately didn’t get any good shots from inside the car.

Everything always looks so relaxing.. I did a lot of that but now it’s time to get back to work!