While I was on vacation in Greece, one of my cousins got married and I did him the favor of capturing his wedding (: I was very limited to space while traveling there, so I was limited to just one flash and a couple lenses, but I tried to make the most out of it. It’s a nice change of atmosphere shooting something in a completely different hemisphere. I’d love to have the opportunity to travel more and shoot weddings, but I think I’ll be staying in Houston for the time being. What I found a little odd is that no one over there does engagement shoots. When I brought up the idea of doing one, they thought it was a little weird, so we just stuck to the standard wedding day coverage.

The typical tradition in the town they got married in, was to walk the bride up to the church, where everyone wishes you good luck and congratulates you on the wedding. The whole town is usually invited to the ceremony, and then the relatives and what not to the reception. Enjoy the photos!