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WEDDING // Katie + Adam

I’m always so lucky to be able to work with some of the nicest people in the world, and Katie and Adam are no exception. Their small and intimate wedding in Vegas was filled with emotions the entire day, and the pictures definitely reflect that. Congratulations you two!

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WEDDING // Shaheen + Megan

Was super lucky a few months back to shoot these two on such a beautiful day. I’ve been focusing so much time towards editing with my quicker turn around time than before that I haven’t posted new pics on here, but recently one of these got the attention of thousands of people so I figured I’d throw the highlights up on here. Venue was at AvantGarden here in Houston. Enjoy!

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ENGAGEMENT // Shaheen + Megan

Such a fun couple to shoot, nothing but smiles during the entire shoot :) Weather started off a little gloomy, but so happy the sun came out after and made sure to take advantage of it. Enjoy!

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