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ENGAGEMENT // Shaheen + Megan

Such a fun couple to shoot, nothing but smiles during the entire shoot :) Weather started off a little gloomy, but so happy the sun came out after and made sure to take advantage of it. Enjoy!

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ENGAGEMENT // Cindy + Marc

Started off at the usual spot, then headed over to location #2 for a more vintage look, where I also applied a different edit as well to match the theme. The metal flower was hand made by Marc as a gift to her several years ago which looked amazing, and he even had a custom front plate made for his car just for this shoot. Took these during Super Bowl Sunday, did a same day edit and here they are, enjoy!

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February 9, 2016 - 11:11 am

Ramesha I love this you guys are beautiful inside and out. I am honored to be associated with the both of you.. Congrats this is a fantastic(BEAUTIFUL)job.

WEDDING // Kelli + Seth

Such an easy going day, had all the time in the world for getting ready photos which sometimes turns out being my favorite part, definitely the case for this wedding :) Enjoy!

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