A nice little change from my usual locations, went to Denver for this one because it’s not very often that one of your best friends asks you to shoot their engagement. Wanted to mix up the scenery and flew there with absolutely no plans on where to go and where to shoot. The first day we went towards the rail station and Red Rocks, second day towards Rocky Mountain National Park. We made plans to shoot at a lake, but the first one we ran into was frozen solid and covered in snow, and the second one was a hike which can be tough when you’re dressed for a shoot instead of a mountaineer, yet we still stumbled on some really amazing locations from driving around.

What none of these pics showcase however is how terribly cold it was during some of these shoots, I was in 3-4 layers and still freezing my butt off, so huge props to Allen and especially Ashley for fighting through that cold and not even showing an ounce of discomfort.

Congrats to you two once again and can’t to be part of the wedding later this year!