FINALLY back to updating after being in Greece for almost the whole summer. Lots of goodies need to go on here so feel free to go like my Facebook page to get updated on everything! As for this wedding, this was one of the most wonderful couples I’ve worked with so far. We met completely randomly while I was out doing an engagement shoot, exchanged information and before you know it we had a meeting to discuss their wedding.

The venue was at Trinity Pines, about 2 hours away from home, but well worth the drive. I was only there for the ceremony, but I ended up capturing enough photos for a full post regardless.

For photographers: I’ve noticed I’ve been getting quite a few photographers following me and asking questions about workflow/editing, so to answer a few questions about this set — I edited everything with the VSCO Filters on this set, and just increased the warmth in Lightroom. Apart from that, that’s pretty much it. During the day I shot with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 and Nikon 35mm 1.4. Everything else including flashes/reflectors stayed inside my car the entire day. Enjoy the photos!