I met Tuan and Julie through a friend when I found out they needed a wedding photographer. We sent emails back and forth for a while, and then finally decided to meet along with some mutual friends. When we got to the meeting spot, I had no idea who they were, so I sat with the table my friend was at assuming they were the guy and girl sitting at the end. Eventually I asked those two I thought were Tuan and Julie if they’re excited about getting married.. but come to find out, those two people were cousins and just gave me a look of disgust lol. I then realized who I was actually meeting and we took it from there.

Julie had done lots of research when it came to her engagement shoot  so she was well prepared with all sorts of props. With the help of Tuan and some friends, they decorated a beautiful wall with flowers that we used for a backdrop for some indoor shots. They even included their dog that loved being part of the photos, although it usually runs away from cameras. After we finished up, we started heading downtown, but unfortunately it had been raining all day and we were driving with our wipers on at full speed. We realized we’re basically driving right into the storm, so we just busted a u-turn and decided to take some shots off of a random field off the side of the freeway which ended up working out great. Then we did a few last shots at Cy-Fair College where we were all attacked by hundreds of mosquito’s, but the end result for the day was totally worth it. Tons of thanks to my wonderful girlfriend as well for helping me out throughout the day. Enjoy!